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Advanced and complete virtual PBX based on the cloud, extremely useful and easy to use that allows you to manage and direct all your incoming and outgoing calls without the need to purchase, maintain, or upgrade any equipment.


It’s functional

It provides a scalable, profitable and highly flexible telephone system, supported by BPX services, which will address all your communication, needs fast and effectively.


It’s global

Your business will have a Virtual Telephone Switchboard with all the benefits of a real telephone central system, local and toll free numbers in more than 700 cities around the globe. Your business will go from local to global instantly.


You will save money

You will totally forget what is spending ridiculous amounts of money in buying and maintaining expensive equipment. This system allows you to integrate, simplify and organize all your communications while you reduce costs.


It’s mobile

You can take calls in any telephone, anywhere. Take calls wherever you are, from your cellphone, landline or computer.



Mobile Access to your telephone center

You have remote access from Our iOS and Android apps make your phone an extension of your business.


Virtual Telephone numbers

We offer a wide range of local and toll free numbers (flexible call forwarding options available) in most of parts of the world.


Call transfer: PSTN and VOIP

It allows transferring incoming calls to regular phones (PSTN) or internet phones (VoIP), and to mobiles; you can change your forwarding destination anytime.

Menu de Voz

Voice menu

The Voice menu or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automatic answering system which plays a pre-recorded message and instructs the caller to dial an extension number.



You can send calls or voice messages to your email and then listen to them from your phone of PC whenever you want to.

Grabacion de Llamadas

Call recorder

You silently record telephone calls in real time. The record (.mp3 format) is sent to an email address.


Conference Call

Up to 10 people can join a telephone call, so you can have a virtual conference room.

Identificador de Llamadas

Call routing and Caller ID

This system allows you to rout incoming calls to a particular person or to a specific department in your Company, depending on the original telephone number.

Texto a Voz y Reproducción de Audio

Text-to-Voice and Audio Playing

This feature makes possible to automatically convert text into voice. You will have the option to create and play voice messages that fit your global voice print.


This cell application is the mobile extension of your Virtual Telephone Switchboard. You just have to use the dialing board or the contact list in your Mobile to make internal or external calls. You can also receive calls in your mobile extension using Wi-Fi or mobile data.


We invite you to know all the features of the most comprehensive cloud-based Virtual Telephone Switchboard. This switchboard is specially designed to manage communications in your Company inn an easy and effective way.

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Obtain Virtual and Toll-free Phone Numbers at the main countries in the world.
Receive calls from any city with a local or even a free cost for the caller.
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