The term "host" is used in computing when referring to networked computers that provide and use network services.


Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology allows transmitting voice through IP networks (Internet Protocol).

H323 Voice Protocol

This is a recommendation of the ITU-T (International Telecommunication Unión), which defines the protocols to provide audiovisual communication sessions on net packages. The H.323 refers to a large variety of specific protocols for voice coding, call set-up, signaling, data transportation, etc.


This is a language and a format of messages used by an application program to communicate with the operative system or with any other system or control program, as a database management system (DBSM) or communication protocol.

International Telephone Line

This is a standard telephone number in the city or country you choose that connects in the internal system of our international network which has not interface with users. When someone calls, he/she dials a local number, but the call is sent to any destination around the world.


IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol) is one of the protocols used by Asterisk, a Digium sponsored open code PBX server (telephone switchboard). It is used to manage VoIP connections among Asterisk servers and among servers and customers that use the IAX protocol. The IAX protocol now refers, in general, to the IAX2, the second version of the IAX protocol.

Virtual Number

Despite its name, it is actually a real telephone number. When a person dials the virtual number, the call is sent to any place in the world.

Online Control Panel

The Online Control Panel in our website will let you manage your telephone numbers, set-up or change the rules for calls, change your payment options, access the call registry and many other operations.


Public Switched Telephone Network. This refers to public telephone networks in the world of circuit switching. This is the traditional route used to make calls.


Session Initiation Protocol. This protocol routes calls via Internet instead of using the traditional PSTN.

Call Forwarding

This is the routing of calls to a phone, as directed by you.