Payment Methods


Which are the payment options? offers you several payment options to its customers. We hereby give you the following payment options available:
Wire transfer

Are there taxes, interests or charges on my monthly payment?

No. No hidden charges. Unlike our competition, includes all taxes and charges on the monthly payment shown in our price table.

Will I receive invoices by mail?

No. You can download and print your invoices from our Invoices Section in your Online Control Panel.

How can I renew the service?

Customers can decide to renew their service manually every time it’s about to expire, or they can decide to set up an automatic renewal of the service, this means that your Virtual DID or 0800 Toll Free number will automatically renew without any effort for the customer. You can change this set-up when you wish and you may choose between "Enable" and "Disable" the Auto-renewal option.

What if my payment is rejected?

If your payment is rejected, you will receive an automatic message in the email address you gave as a contact address. After receiving this notification we recommend you to contact our Administration Department and take the necessary steps to solve the inconveniences and avoid logging off from your Virtual Telephone Switchboard.