Techniques of Use


Can I forward calls to several telephone numbers?

Yes. This known as simultaneous calls.

What is sequence ringing?

Sequence ringing sends incoming calls to different telephone numbers in pre-stablished order. Once anyone answers the call, the sequence stops.

Can I activate sequence and simultaneous ringing at the same time?

Yes, for example, you can set up a sequence of three telephone numbers so they ring simultaneously, and then other three numbers, and then other three numbers, until someone answers the call.


How does the Fax – Email work?

The Fax – Email feature allows you receiving fax(es) in the very same number where you receive voice calls, without having a fax device. Our network detects incoming faxes, turns them into .PDF or .TIFF and sends them to any email address given by you.


How does the voice mail –email work?

This feature turns voice messages into .wav format so they can be sent to any email address.

What telephone network is used to rout calls?

It mainly uses PSTN (public switched telephone network) to rout calls. We also use the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol) to rout calls backed up by the Switched Telephone Network.

Can I make calls from a DID virtual or a 0800 Toll Free number?

Yes, you can make international calls from your Virtual Numbers in an easy, fast and economic way.